Conrane was established by David Cochrane and Margaret Conroy in 1991.   We are part of a consortium of strategic partners providing professional services in health system development to the NHS and internationally.

Our knowledge and experience demonstrates that the pursuit of improved quality in health reform will deliver productivity gain and better value for money.

We bring together skills, experience and products which support innovative and workable solutions to 21st century healthcare challenges.

These include:

  • Quality Innovation and Productivity 
  • Utilisation and demand management
  • Concurrent review and prior authorisation
  • Whole system redesign
  • Long-term Conditions – Care coordination, case management and Guided Care
  • Risk stratification and predictive modelling using the Johns Hopkins Adjusted Clinical Groups Tool
  • Risk adjusted resource allocation and management
  • Workforce productivity in acute, community and primary care
  • Workforce and process re-design
  • International healthcare system reform working with the World Bank and other major donor organisations



David Cochrane Director of Conrane has 15 years experience of managed care.  He is an accredited managed care consultant with FHP-Pacificare (West Coast HMO) and author of the book ‘Managed Care and Modernisation’, OUP 2001.  David has led major projects in long-term conditions and demand management including two large FESC projects during 2008-10.