Our Challenge and Opportunity

“We need a comprehensive integrated approach to service delivery so that clients receive a continuum of preventative and curative services according to their needs: across different levels of the health and social care system. We need to fight fragmentation.”

World Health Organisation

Improving services for people with complex needs in later life is one of the major challenges in today’s healthcare. Comprising 5% of a typical population, they account for 40% of health care costs, due to high rates of unscheduled hospital and primary care utilization. Under-met medical, social and psychological needs which vary by each person are the cause.

90% of patient contacts in integrated delivery systems take place in primary care, at locality and practice levels. So internationally, innovative approaches in advanced or comprehensive primary care are proving essential to whole population management and delivering outcomes to achieve the triple-aims set by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) of securing better health, care and value for all.

The hospital sector is facing increasing admissions of many older people for whom alternative care is safer and more appropriate. Numerous commentators have highlighted the degree of challenge this poses to the NHS.

Meanwhile integrated care, built up from patient level which aligns service and financial incentives is a universal aim across the OECD. This requires growth and pump priming investment  in the ‘out of hospital services’  through the development of advanced comprehensive primary care.   

At Conrane, and together with our strategic partners, we are ideally placed to help NHS commissioners and providers, and other healthcare systems internationally, respond effectively to these key challenges. Our offering is focused on;

Our team of consultants have unsurpassed track records in benefits realisation in terms of improved quality and cost management. Our tools and techniques are best in class, systematic, evidence-based and command consensus amongst clinicians and managers alike. Recent project experience by our consultants spans:

  • Utilisation management in multiple CCGs and NHS providers over the last three years building on experienced gained working with health maintenance organisations such as  Kaiser Permanent and FHP-Pacifcare sector.


  • 10 years of national innovation in long-term condition management including deploying an effective and evidence-based case management model in over 20 health communities.


  • Workforce productivity and redesign in acute, community and primary care providers over 18 years delivering real recurrent savings in workforce costs.


  • International best practice in health informatics and population needs assessment working with Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health which our consultants and partners are now rolling out into CSUs and CCGs.


  • Support for a number of  demonstration projects (Vanguards) based on the model of medical homes and accountable care organisations which are expected to reduce hospital utilisation significantly.


“The experience is that poor implementation is a more common cause of failure of reform than poor design.” NHS Confederation 2011

It is our ability to implement and deliver improvement that sets us apart.