Our Consultants

Dr David Cochrane has extensive experience in whole system redesign and reform in the UK and internationally. As Director of Conrane IHS, he led numerous successful care coordination projects, beginning with Castlefields Health Centre in 2000 – the first successful UK model of primary care linked, case management – rolling this out in NW London, Surrey and Sussex in partnership with Imperial College in 2008.  He has both successfully adapted complex health technologies from the US to the UK and similarly taken best practices models from home and embedded them into the health systems of other countries. Working with Margaret Conroy, David has extensive experience in workforce redesign, planning and productivity in all sectors of health care including primary care. Current projects include evidence-based case management in North Kirklees, a national Vanguard project to integrate primary and community care to reduce utilization of unplanned hospital care, and the formulation of multi-specialty provider hubs in North Yorkshire. David was recently invited to join the case management development group of the International Foundation for Integrated Care and is a regular speaker at their major conferences.

Sue Barrett RN MSc (Recruitment, training, mentorship and out of hospital development) Sue is an enthusiastic nurse with advanced nurse practitioner skills and prescribing skills who has worked as a care coordinator since 2005, and as a nurse for 37 years in the NHS. She went into 7 years of continual practice following training and mentorship with the Conrane IHS programme in West Sussex. Sue’s GP colleague commented “Sue is like a GP Registrar and is a valuable member of our Practice and the service we provide to our local patients” Sue is also a Professional Practice Teacher/Educator lecturing at the University of Surrey in care coordination, Health and Social care and Medicines Management. Her successful practice has led to her being invited to give presentations at national conferences by the RCN and the Department of Health. She is currently mentoring care coordinators in her native West Sussex. She recently led the revision of the Conrane IHS case management training programme to meet 2015 nurse development requirements and delivered the training and mentorship programme.

Tim Boxer (Financial Appraisal) A former NHS Director of Finance, Tim has worked on a number of leading edge development projects over the last 5 years. These have included a system-wide service and financial system development project in Wigan Borough CCG, one of the largest acute sector redesign projects in Greater Manchester and assisted a number of CCGs establish their financial regime including the establishment of ‘hard budgets’ in primary care. He combines the rare knowledge and skills of financial and costing systems in primary, community and secondary care. He is also an expert on acute invoice validation which gives him a deep insight into the financial opportunity to devolve acute services and the sources of information held by CCGs which an inform this. Tim has recently completed service mapping and financial modelling for MCP-hubs and advanced primary care.

Deborah Campbell RN, B.S. is a registered nurse in the United States with over 35 years of nursing and managed care experience.  She has a strong background in the development and implementation of utilization and case management programs for practitioners, hospitals and insurance carriers.  She has developed and managed extensive services in integrated, community-based utilization management including comprehensive care coordination services. She currently works for a larger health insurer in New York City serving Medicaid (complex needs adults under-65) and Medicare (over-65) members with an emphasis on population health and the reduction of readmissions, Deborah acts as a technical adviser to Conrane IHS on relevant projects.

Margaret Conroy (Workforce Development) is a senior international consultant in workforce development and process engineering. She led a major project on the Future Healthcare workforce with the Department of Health and Manchester University. She has an unsurpassed record in staff role redesign, workforce productivity and developing occupational standards. She has worked on several projects with Skills for Health, including the design and competence framework for practitioner and assistant roles with the Society of Radiographers. Margaret wrote the competence framework for Conrane IHS case management projects in Surrey, Sussex and NW London as well as overseeing the mentorship programme alongside Imperial College staff. She recently revised the competence log for the case management programme in North Kirklees.

Christopher Dickson BSc (Business intelligence) Chris Dickson specialises in Health Informatics, novel uses for information and methods of presentation of information to maximise impact. Chris has over 8 years senior NHS Information Management experience (to Assistant Director level), having worked across the industry he spent 3 years working for Bupa Commissioning and the Tribal Health practice as a Senior Consultant providing thought leadership both within the organisations and to clients on a wide range of health informatics projects. Chris is an accredited ACG Risk Stratification informatics consultant. He is an expert in NHS data systems availability and their application. Chris has a network of associated consultants who will support the informatics and data analysis components.

Anna Harrison RN (Case coordination training, mentor and primary care systems interface) Like Sue Barrett, Anna came into case management via the Conrane IHS programme in West Sussex. Anna worked successfully as a case manager with a 10-hander GP practice for 7 years and has since transitioned to working with pre-diagnosis patients with high-risk of developing COPD, diabetes, heart disease etc. Anna is a trained mentor (the Imperial programme) and is part of the Conrane IHS mentorship team. Anna has technical skills also in the field of integrated clinical decision support tools such as care plans into System 1 and EMIS.

Marilyn Hendricks RN After a distinguished and senior career working for West Coast Health Maintenance Organisations, Marilyn has worked with Sherry Reichlie on case management development programmes and assisting health plans qualify for Medicare contracts. Marilyn led the case management training programmes for Surrey, Sussex and NW London and also mentored individual practitioners including Sue Barrett with whom she recent collaborated in training case managers in North Kirklees. Other current US work includes assisting Medical Homes and Accountable Care Organisations gain formal accreditation.

Jayne Molyneux RN (Recruitment, training, mentorship and lead on care coordinator development)   Having worked as a district nurse team leader, Jayne accepted the challenge in 1999 to become the first UK-practitioner in what is now called the Guided Care model at Castlefields Health Centre, Runcorn.   Her success in that role led to her being engaged to develop other staff in the model working with Conrane IHS and subsequently as an independent consultant.   Since 2008 she has widened her role to incorporate commissioning and provider development across long-term conditions, integrated care, demand management and QIPP programmes. In one current project, Jayne acts as the outsourced staff management lead for case managers in cancer care where she developed the staff for a telephonic referral and triage centre. She also recently gave a talk to the Johns Hopkins London ACG symposium on integrating risk stratification into effective practice.

Sherry Reichle RN Sherry led one of the first major projects innovating case management of complex older people when senior vice-president of a large Californian HMO. This successful project was under the auspices of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Chronic Care Group. Sherry led the training programme at Castlefields Health Centre and designed the course employed with Conrane in Surrey Sussex and NW London. Along with Marilyn Hendricks, Sherry’s current work includes assisting Medical Homes to meet the stringent accreditation criteria set by the NCQA in the US.

Simon Taylor (Health planning and development) Simon has undertaken leading roles in whole system service and facilities development in South East London and across the Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset health community. His skills encompass clinical service strategy and development, business case preparation, informatics and stakeholder engagement as well as programme and project management. He worked for eight years as a senior consultant with Tribal Health. He managed a major commissioning improvement programme in the North West. He was also engaged in the planning and development of primary-care LIFT schemes in this area. Simon’s recent experience spans ACG deployment and healthcare facilities planning including the preparation of an architect’s brief for a MCP hub to serve 50,000 people in a locality of North Yorkshire.

Alan Thompson MSc RGN (Project management) A nurse by background, Alan has 30 years’ experience in the National Health Service in clinical, operational and project management posts within hospitals and primary care. He has a keen interest in the use of information to support managerial and clinical decision making and to inform improvements in the provision of patient centred services. Project management roles have included , leading on a range of service redesign initiatives, and project managing the commissioning of the new building and services therein – and the implementation of the Adjusted Clinical Groups (ACG) System across 600 GP Practices and 20 CCGs in the south of England. He is a senior consultant to John Hopkins University working with them on UK applications of the ACG risk stratification system.

Iain Vokes Tilley (Project coordination) Iain has 18 years experience in the UK pharmaceutical sector. Iain has a pragmatic and versatile approach with high standards of delivery. Strong interpersonal skills, a keen strategic mind and great organisation have enabled Iain to operate successfully in the commercial sector and make the transition to consultancy enabling him to transfer those skills to several GP provider organisations across Yorkshire and Humber  Iain has coordinated and brought together multiple stakeholders in across the health economy to initiate change within the GP federation environment. Previously working as part of other delivery teams Iain has also been instrumental in the development of detailed operational and strategic plans for a number of GP federations. Iain has coordinated the current Conrane IHS Care Coordination project in North Kirklees.

Conrane Associates
  To allow scaling of  projects with individual clients seeking additional capacity, Conrane has working agreements with a wide range of associate consultants who specialise in project management, information technology and systems development.  We also have a wider network of nurse specialists in long-term condition systems development.   See also our partnership network page.