iRIS An Integrated Risk Intelligence System

iRIS© is our bespoke platform for ACGs© with reporting designed for clinicians by clinicians iRIS© can incorporate social care data for holisitic care management and integrated care commissioning iRIS© underpins equitable resourcing for CCGs commissioning primary care iRIS© supports the entire care coordination ...

Tool-kit on care coordination

Given the current policy initiative on care coordination some colleagues and I have put together a tool-kit launched at last week’s Kings Fund Conference. It covers best practice models, implementation, return on investment and risk stratification. You can ...

QIPP Information Sheet 1 Process Overview

QIPP  information sheet 1  sets out the key components of an integated approach View information sheet above

QIPP Information Sheet 2 Patient Flow Utilisation

QIPP INFORMATION SHEET 2 Patient Flow Utilisation explains the first essential phase of a utilization and patient flow analysis of acute and community inpatient services. View Information Sheet - Patient Flow Utilisation

QIPP Information Sheet 3 Concurrent Review

Information Sheet QIPP Concurrent Review  explains how utilization management can incentivise both appropriate quality of care, capacity planning  and congruent flows of contract  revenue. View Information Sheet - QIPP Concurrent Review

QIPP Information Sheet 4 Guided Care

QIPP Information Sheet 4 on Guided Care  sets out an evidence-based long-term conditions model for delivering improved outcomes and resource release from complex, co-morbid, high-cost patients. View Information Sheet - QIPP GUIDED CARE

QIPP Information Sheet 5 Community Services

QIPP Information Sheet 5  Community Services  shows how resources can be released from more effective use of community hospitals and hospital at home. View Information Sheet - QIPP COMMUNITY SERVICES

Information Sheet Risk Stratification and Predictive Modeling

The ACG System summarizes how ACGs can support more effective long-term condition management and clinically-led resource allocation and management within Clinical Commissioning Groups.   View Information Sheet Risk Stratification ACG System