Accountable Care


Accountable care in both the NHS and internationally is emerging as a major service and structural means of transforming quality and efficiency in health and social care.   We have therefore developed a practical guide to implementing accountable care in the NHS.     This is based on our recent project experience, discussions with key national opinion leaders and not least with leading edge practitioners in the USA including the national Pioneer ACO evaluation team.     It provides a practical working definition of accountable care and then sets out eleven enablers for an effective local model based on integrated care.    Each of these is then developed in terms of the implementation requirements to deliver better quality of care, patient experience and not least mitigate current hospital utilisation by providing more proactive, co-productive, individualised care closer to home.

  1. Governance structure
  2. A local needs analysis and opportunity analysis
  3. Patient engagement
  4. A strategic plan and operational programme
  5. Services contracted direct by the ACO
  6. An extended out of hospital network and extended primary care or Primary Care Home
  7. New models of care and service redesign
  8. Sufficient and competent workforce capacity
  9. An evidence-based performance framework
  10. Aligned Incentives payment systems
  11. Meaningful informatics capacity
For more detail download our new occasional paper on Making Accountable Care Happen