International Health Systems Development

Since 1999 Conrane have been privileged to be invited work with the World Bank, UK Department of International Development and the Ministries of Health of 8 countries across the World.    The key projects have included:

World Bank Health Sector Development Loan to Serbia HR Restructuring Strategy for MOH, .2003 – Medical Staffing (primary, secondary, tertiary at national and regional levels)

HR Restructuring Strategy for MOH, Republic of Serbia 2004 – Support Staffing (national and regional levels in all providers), MoH and World Bank PCU

HR Restructuring Strategy up-date and implementation for MOH Republic of Serbia 2006, MoH and World Bank PCU

Bosnia Herzegovina, Hospital Human Resource Restructuring and Implementation Plan, 2006-2007, MoH and World Bank PCU

Detailed job planning projects for Republic of Srbska (BiH), 2007

World Bank Health Care Restructuring In Azerbaijan, Health Sector Development Loan Project Preparation 2004

Health Care HR Strategy for Kyrgyzstan World Bank Project (TA funded by UK Department for International Development (DfID) 2002-3)

Primary care development project for Kyrgyzstan, World Bank Project (DfID-funded TA), 2004/5

SWAp project preparation, Republic of Kyrgyzstan, 2005

SWAp review summit, Republic of Kyrgyzsstan for the WB, May 2007

HR Strategy to support service restructuring in Poland (NHS Overseas) 1995

Rural primary care in Georgia DfID/World Bank – 2002

World Bank Health Sector Development Loan to Kyrgyzstan – preparation and supervisory missions 2000-2005 on health system human Resource (HR) restructuring (DfID funded)

Workshops on managed care and health systems integration for Health Leaders Network, Sydney and Melbourne Australia, and New Zealand – 2002-3

Workshops and conference talks on workforce development, Brisbane, Sidney, Adelaide (Australia) and New Zealand, 2001, 2002 and 2003

Principal Speaker at Hong Kong Hospital Association Conference on Health Sector Workforce re-design  –  May 2004

During 2011-12 Two projects in Bosnia Herzogovina including a mid-project review of the country’s TB strategy implementation for the United Nations Development Programme.

During 2012-13 Workforce plans for new hospital developments in Doha Qatar.